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Looking for a Motorcycle Helmet? Consider the stunningly bright DOT Chrome Flame Motorcycle Helmet. It's truly a Motorcycle Helmet... fit for a king.

>>JEM has joined the chat <<�

XVI: so we're cool now, right?�

JEM: ya�

JEM: i work for a defense contractor now�

JEM: and i give speeches�

XVI: what about?�

JEM: proving how kings suck�

JEM: lol�

XVI: does that pay well?�

JEM: two million a speech�

XVI: holy crap

>>Joseph-Michel has joined the chat <<�

XVI: do you think i could prove how kings suck�

Joseph-Michel: Oh, yeah.�

JEM: lol�

XVI: i hate...

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Skull Skeleton Style Motorcycle Helmet -

Masei 419 Skull Motorcycle Helmet ~ DOT Approved , 100% new ~ Fiberglass Shell ~ Back-Side Front Feature when necessary ~ Improved Skull Face ~ Large/XLarge/XXLarge Available in some strict countries such as Japan and European countries, riders wearing skull helmets may get pull-over by police. Therefore, it can be turned around or back-side front used for some necessary...



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