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1981 Ironhead Chopper


This page is dedicated to Long Choppers powered by the Harley Davidson Ironhead Engine. By "Long" Choppers we mean Choppers with the characteristic long front fork. You've also got Choppers with a relatively short front fork, which almost look like Bobbers, but we call those "Short Chops"

In general terms, we would define a Chopper as follows:

A Chopper is a...

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Harley-Davidson XA - BMW R68 Motorcycles

Here is the Harley-Davidson XA's story according to the American Motorcyclist Association Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum :

"Blame the Jeep"

"That's why this bike never made it into full production -- and why, incidentally, military motorcycles of any kind fell out of favor during World War II. But that's getting ahead of the story.

"Back in the early 1940s, the U.S. Army asked Harley-Davidson...

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Date: 2014-04-23 18:19:22
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H-D Screamin’ Eagle Bolt-On 117ci Street-Performance Kit ...

Screamin' Eagle Bolt-On 117-Cubic Inch Street-Performance Kit - FIRST RIDE REVIEW

Testing Harley-Davidson's latest engine kit on a 2015 CVO Street Glide.

By Bradley Adams Jeff Allen posted Mar 7th, 2016 at 1:06pm


While there's an obvious difference in power with the 117 kit, the bike feels otherwise stock, with the recalibrated ECM keeping fueling smooth, and no more heat coming from the...

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Dream Cycles USA LLC® - Used Harley Davidson Motorcyles ...





"I recently purchased a 2007 road king FHLR from Will. I was really just kinda browing ads for used harleys one day, and ran across a pearl white road king that really caught my eye. Always have ridden metric bikes, and couldnt understand the price difference of the Harleys. The various photos of the bike were really good, on a different site. then i realized that i could go to dreamcyclesusa and watch a video of the bike with descriptions from Will on everthing about it. More interested than ever at...

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Motorcycle Parts & Accessories | Harley Davidson ...

After many years of custom builds and motorcycle service, we've decided to focus on finding you the best prices on a wide selection of used and new old stock parts for Harley-Davidson motorcyles.

You can still be assured the best results for your needs, because we genuinely want to assist you to get you the products you need. Whether it is style, price, or practicality that is most important to you, we can offer you...

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Barn Side: 1936 Harley-Davidson VLH | Bring a Trailer

2/7/2011 Update: This Harley sold for $30,100 with 17 bidders.

From 2/3/2011:

This 1936 Harley-Davidson VLH is original, numbers matching, and unrestored. The VLH was a one-year bike so it's a good thing you won't need to source many parts. The replacement exhaust is NOS and even the tires are period, if not original. Pretty good for a for a 75 year old barn find motorcycle. Find it here on eBay in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The VLH didn't have much chrome but most of what there is looks great. Though the headlight and front fender light show a little pitting, both look to have original glass and are in original and shiny...

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Website: https://bringatrailer.com

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Harley-Davidson's bold plan to appeal to younger buyers

Distinctive two-wheeled cruisers are the core to Harley.�

Photo: Supplied

"We learned very quickly that the value and essence and soul of the brand is the most powerful entity you have. You absolutely have to respect it because if you lose that you've lost everything."

Competitive edge

Harley Davidsons often aren't about transport - they're about enjoying the ride.

As such Davidson sees the...

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1985 Harley XLX Sportster Ironhead Motorcycle by Mike

1985 Harley XLX Sportster Ironhead

Life's a Bitch... Thank God There's Sportsters!

Mike from Carthage, Missouri, United States sent us these photographs of his gorgeous 1985 Harley XLX Sportster Ironhead which is one of the last Harley Ironheads that left the Harley Davidson Motor Company factory. In 1986 the Sportster Ironhead engine was replaced by the Sportster Evolution engine. Since Harley apparently imported quite a bit of...

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Rusty, greasy and dirty but all eyes on classic Harley

Rusty, greasy and dirty but all eyes on classic Harley

James Cockington


Judging by the numbers seen out cruising on sunny Sunday afternoons, classic motorcycles are booming.

The riders, clad in uniform black, are likely to be professionals or chief executives during the week or, in one case, a Qantas pilot. His is a typical scenario. He has a couple of relatively modern bikes for regular...

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Causes of HD Twin Cam Engine Noise | It Still Runs | Your ...

Causes of HD Twin Cam Engine Noise

by Jamie Rankin

A twin cam engine has two camshafts -- usually double overhead cams. The camshaft is the part of a car or motorcycle engine that operates the inlet and exhaust valves. A vehicle with a twin cam engine has one camshaft controlling the engine's inlet valve and a separate one operating the exhaust valve. Harley-Davidson (HD) motorcycles come...

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Old School Cycles: Latest Builds Indian Motorcycles and ...


Latest Builds Updated Feb. 6, 2010

This is a 1957 Harley Davidson Panhead , restored as a late 50s bobber with all period original parts .No repo parts.


This is a 1957 Harley Davidson Panhead , restored as a late 50s bobber with all period original parts .No repo parts.


These photos are of a...

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Date: 2010-02-06 23:14:32
Website: http://www.oldschoolcycles.tv

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Williamstown, New Jersey, Motorcycle, Used, Antique, eBay ...

Nick's Custom Cycles is always proud to support our community.   We would like to congratulate the local  Singer - Songwriter and Musician, DAWSON COYLE !!   Dawson is from our home town of Williamstown, New Jersey.   Congratulations to Dawson Coyle for making it onto The Voice.   We wish you all the best in what we are sure is going to be a very bright future.    Great job...

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Harley Davidson WindVest Windshields

WindVest Size Options

A WindVest windshield will provide the same protection as a "regular" motorcycle windshield that's several inches taller.

Size Matters

WindVest Color Samples

Color selection is a matter of personal taste. All color options for your model motorcycle and size selected will be shown in "Select Options"

Follow Us Online

Color windshields add style to your motorcycle!


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Custom Paint & Airbrush Designs


If you are looking for an exceptional custom paint job and quality airbrush designs, then you have come to the right place!

We strive to not only make sure you get a first-class, show winning custom paint job, but also first-rate service as well. Perhaps you want to stand out in a crowd by making your motorcycle, car or truck unlike any other. From simply changing the color of your bike, to 3-D flames and graphics, we can do it.

Jay of Phantom...

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Kids Background License Plate for Bikes, Bicycles, ATVs ...

Kid's Background License Plate. We make it custom with any name you want. You specify the name on the plate and your custom plate is made to order. Any Name. No Problem. Never search the rack again for a name they didn't make.

Note: These are Vanity / Novelty plates. Plates are not intended for official vehicle use. Check your local laws to determine use in your area. The full size 6" x 12"...

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Used and New Motorcycles in Chicago, Milwaukee and Indiana ...

Global Reach - Free Nationwide Shipping

It couldn't be easier to receive your new motorcycle.

We provide free shipping for all motorcycles that are $5,000 or over. Free shipping is nationwide to the continental U.S.!

International buyers, we also provide shipping across the globe. If you would like us to ship your new motorcycle to a location outside the United States, we will work with our...

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Harley Dipsticks/Oil Temperature Gauges: On The Stick ...

Milwaukee, WI 53280


The most recent version of the Harley-Davidson oil temperature/dipstick installed in our 2006 Softail doesn't need to be removed from the tank to check oil level; however, the oil temperature does need to be above 160 degrees F to give a good reading when the button is pushed.

Here is a front view of all three styles of gauges, with the most recent...

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Trade Harley For Pontoon Boats for sale

Trade Harley For Pontoon Boats for sale

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Length 24.0

Posted Over 1 Month


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